The main objective of a MECCA Telecommunicator is to receive requests for help and/or assistance, no matter how great or how slight, and determine which public safety agency shall be utilized to provide the requested assistance. It must be realized that any of the requests received have the possibility of being a life-threatening situation.

A Telecommunicator must:

  • Have the ability to express thoughts concisely and meaningfully with an effective speaking voice, good diction, good telephone and radio etiquette, and in writing when necessary;
  • Have the ability to deal tactfully, courteously, and skillfully within the human relation aspect and with other problems which may arise involving communication center personnel, public safety agency personnel, and the general public;
  • Have the ability to think and act quickly and effectively in emergency situations, and when necessary, handle several communications simultaneously, yet function with accuracy, speed, and emotional control;
  • Have the ability to work in a tobacco free environment at a full time position in close quarters with infrequent breaks, and sometimes long and strenuous hours.

The position for which you are applying will expose you to information that, by requirement of state and federal law, must be kept strictly confidential. For this reason, applicants must be willing to submit to a complete background investigation for consideration of employment. Before hiring, you will be required to read and sign a privacy act statement.

There are two pre-employment phases you must successfully complete to be place on the list of eligible applicants from which MECCA 911 administration hires new telecommunicators

Phase One: A computer based test consisting of spelling, number recognition, map reading, concentration, dexterity and other skills as well as the ability to type 30 errorless words per minute

Phase Two: An in person interview with members of MECCA administration

You will be notified by telephone or mail once a testing date has been determined.  In the interim, should you have any questions, please feel free to contact MECCA administration at 304-599-6332 extension 3. Thank you for your interest in working at MECCA 911

If you choose to do the application offline, please return it in person, via email, or mail to:


Attention:  Communications Director

74 Mon General Drive

Morgantown, WV 26505